IT 101

July 18, 2014

Information technology (commonly known as “IT”) is comprised of all the technology

involved in the storing, retrieving, and sending of information. If you want your business to run

smoothly, capable “IT” support is a must. Let’s get down to it with a few “IT” basics.

Your computer is made up of hardware, the stuff you can touch,

and software, the stuff you can’t. Hardware for the computer includes the physical external

components, such as the tower, monitor, and keyboard, as well as the physical internal components

such as the motherboard, sound and video card, and RAM.The motherboard is the main circuit

board, where other components are connected. The sound card allows your computer to

access multimedia, the video card controls the output to your screen, and RAM processes

Information. The more RAM you have the faster your computer runs (processes information). Software

are the instructions and programs that allow computers to function and process information.

Software allows a computer to perform its operations. For example, programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point may be some software applications your computer currently contains.

A hard drive is the main storage device in a computer. The hard drive is also known as

the hard drive disk. A round disk inside the computer, it stores all information saved by the user

(you) on the computer. The information will be stored permanently, until deleted or corrupted.

All of The information that you save or create is measured according to the following metrics. You may have heard of megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes.

These terms represent different metrics of disk space. A byte is 1 unit of memory. There is

1000 megabytes in 1 Gigabyte and 1000 Gigabytes in 1 terabyte. A 5 page word document for example,

May be 80-100 megabytes. It would take approximately a 65,000 page word document to equal 1 gigabyte of space. An HD movie for example may be 3 to 5 Gigabytes, depending on its length.

A network is a number of interconnected computers, machines, or operations. A network

is a platform for computers to be able to interact and send information back and forth. Networks

are linked through either cable media or wireless media. Ethernet cables are the actual wired

connectors from wall jack to computer, router to computer, or network switch to computer

(needs to be connected for such activities like the internet). North Star Technological Solutions

use Cat5e Ethernet cables when networking a system. The Cat5e Ethernet cable ensures a faster

speed of information passed through the network, with little interference as possible.

What are routers and network switches? Routers and network switches are similar,

but also have important differences. Routers are devices used to connect multiple computers

together within the network. Switches are devices that create networks. Switches are made

unmanaged or managed. Unmanaged switches are not meant to be configured; they have less

capacity than managed switches, and they are usually found in home settings. Managed switches

are configurable; they have higher capacity, and are usually found in a business setting.

Information Technology can be a complicated field of study to understand. With a small

amount of support, utilizing your technology systems can be a little bit easier. That’s the job of a

company like North Star Technological Solutions. For a free network analysis, please feel free to

contact one of our qualified specialists.

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